Cohort 25

Temugin Berta, Faculty (College of Medicine), and Myriem Skander, Community Member

Current postoperative pain medications often have limited effectiveness or rely on opioids, which are associated with serious side effects, addiction risks, and contribute to the ongoing opioid epidemic. Consequently, patients often experience discomfort, leading to prolonged hospital stays and readmission.

There is a clear need for innovative and non-addictive pain management solutions tailored specifically for postoperative pain to enhance recovery outcomes and improve patient comfort. Nurexa Therapeutics aims to address this gap in the market with its novel drug designed to provide effective relief, faster recovery, and minimal side effects.

Samyam Shridhar, Graduate Student (College of Medicine) 

“This is a device that solves a problem that operating rooms with capabilities to do endoscopic procedures face every day. It is novel and is currently unavailable in hospitals. Our device design is intuitive, simple to use and very affordable to purchase for our customers. The device use can be extended to regulate other fluids administered to patients such as blood transfusions and saline.”

Shivanjali Ranashing, Graduate Student (CEAS) 

“I am currently exploring the process of developing a startup based on the idea of creating a plugin. This plugin, once installed on any video platform, would offer a sign subtitle option. My intention is to learn and progress through the development stages of this idea. Starting with a small venture, I aim to leverage my technology knowledge to provide services and support to the deaf community.”

Joe Curtsinger, Undergraduate Student 

“My experience working for my parents' pool store and servicing hundreds of Cincinnati pools taught me the frustration of testing for chemical indicators. This background,combined with my experience designing next generation technology products for major companies like Garmin, inspired me to create Minnow - a one click solution to water care. Imagine an IOT device that floats in your pool and tests your pH and sanitizer levels for you. Imagine if this device would identify the exact chemicals you need for your pool and ship them to your doorstep. Imagine if pool care meant receiving an occasional alert stating, "We noticed your water levels are out of balance. Empty the blue bag into your pool." No more chemical guesswork - no more scary science!”

Lizzie Schumacher, UC Alum 

“MODSCHU, a shoe design where the base remains consistent while the upper part can be changed by utilizing magnets and a tab for easy removal, this design offers a versatile solution for personalizing shoes without constantly buying entirely new pairs. Many of us often find ourselves purchasing the same shoe design in different colors or styles, which leads to unnecessary waste in the form of duplicate base materials. With SCHU, this repetitive consumption pattern is effectively minimized. Instead of purchasing multiple complete shoes, users can simply switch out the upper part, reducing both consumption and waste.”

Cesar Acevedo, Community Member

“The company aims to revolutionize the personal care product formulation process by introducing an AI-driven system that streamlines research, provides powerful insights, and offers access to formulations and ingredients through a single intuitive platform. Accantu's online marketplace for personal care product ingredients/chemicals will use artificial intelligence to assist product formulators in selecting the most suitable ingredients for the benefits and claims they want to achieve."

Leslie Young, Community Member

“Beautiful Dreamers is a line of children’s bedding and decor that is diverse and inclusive in imagery and design and representative of all major U.S. ethnicities. This unique, racially, and ethnically diverse collection fosters positive racial identity in children of color and encourages all children to celebrate differences at a time when we are significantly challenged with this as a society."

Kim Johnson, Community Member 

“My idea is to help start-ups figure out how, when, and who to hire for Customer Success. This will help in planning, scaling, and managing a client success team throughout their company’s

growth journey.I’d like to help create a framework that can be used to educate founders on what to look for in the first customer success hire, when to hire, how to scale a client success team, which will hopefully then lead to preparing for and enabling growth.”

Jim Young - The Bed Turtle is a patented device to warm your sheets in a cool bedroom. Evidence supports the benefits of sleeping in a room with cooler air, but many find it unpleasant to tuck themselves in a cold bed. Bed Turtle alleviates this with a fast-acting solution that doesn’t stay in the bed with you or share the risks of an electric blanket.