Tech Transfer and IP

An idea buried in a research paper or inside the head of its innovator often lacks the next level of resources needed to make real-world impact. We’re here to help guide you with the resources you need to advance your knowledge and ideas into societal impact.

The 1819 Innovation Hub’s technology transfer team is comprised of specialists in licensing, business development and legal matters, with vast experience in transferring technologies across a broad array of research and innovation fields.

  • Do you want to make a positive impact on society?
  • Would the transfer of your knowledge result in a sense of personal fulfillment?
  • Does recognition and financial reward for your discovery sound appealing?
  • Are you forever focused on generating additional funding for your department or center?
  • Do you want to attract research sponsors?
  • Does the idea of creating educational opportunities for your students excite you?
  • What about linking students to future job opportunities?

We are here to help you reach any of the above listed goals. To find how we might help you, start by sharing your idea and clicking the button below.