Our Process

The Venture Lab process begins when you Share Your Idea with us. Recognizing that you may have limited time and that speed-to-market is critical to success, we have streamlined our process. After graduating from our seven-week pre-accelerator program, you present your idea to a room of experienced *EIRs who then help you prepare a plan to compete for additional funding from the State of Ohio of over $300,000. This funding is designed to support the launch of your company to then attract additional resources and investment that will take your idea to market.

*Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIRs) are accomplished founders and/or industry experts with a wide range of experience, who are looking to build their next startup by finding exciting  opportunities at UC. They serve as experienced guides, helping you form your company, your vision, a go-to-market plan, a roadmap for product development, and a funding plan.