Can alumni use the makerspace?

Alumni are granted six months free membership after graduation. Beyond this they may purchase membership at public rates.

How do I start my membership?

Membership is open to all makers, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists 18 years old and above. Current UC students, faculty, staff, and 1819 Building Partners qualify for zero cost membership. Members of the public can purchase a monthly membership. For more information, please read our policies and view available memberships.

Can members operate advanced manufacturing equipment?

Generally, no. Our trained staff can provide design for manufacturing guidance and small-batch prototyping services.

Will you design and manufacture my product/part for me?

Generally, no. However our additive manufacturing and machining areas operate as a university service center. We will print or machine the part but finishing or additional operations are performed by the user. Our mantra is products and innovation are supported by the Makerspace, but created by the user.

What services are available?

Small batch additive and machining services are available to members pending availability. We reserve the right to decline projects that are too large, off mission, inappropriate, or illegal. 

What materials are available?

Wood, metal, and plastics are available for purchase at the front desk. Stocks may vary.