UC Community:

Zero cost Membership is available to current UC students, faculty, staff, as well as 1819 Building Partners and participants in the Venture Lab that are awarded funding within one year of graduating the program. 

Attend an Orientation to activate your membership.


Paid monthly memberships are available for members of the public including makers, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists that are 18 years old and above.

Attend an Orientation and select the appropriate membership tier to activate your membership. Membership fees must be paid in person via credit or debit. 


External-membership Tiers:
  Rate: Benefits: Terms:

$60 / Month

$175 / Quarter

$660 / Year

Access to all certifications and workshops. Equipment scheduling during posted business hours. Ability to schedule up to 2 hours of project consultations per month. One free guest visit per week

Locker / project cart rental available.

College students 18 years old and up. Valid student ID required.

Non-commercial use only.

Maker / Entrepreneur

$150 / Month

$427.50 / Quarter

$1,650 / Year

Same as above. Open to all. Non-commercial and commercial use.