Cohort 22


     Jason Murray, Biomedical Engineering Student (CEAS)

      Teravus is a system that utilizes AI to assist with triage acuity and waiting room management for          emergency departments.  Teravus' mission is to "closely monitor patients within emergency             department waiting rooms, allowing health care providers to tailor interventions more efficiently."

Angel Aerial Systems

William Hasting,
We are designing swarm drones that can fly in several different configurations which gives it greater
mission flexibility than conventional fixed-wing, helicopter or quadcopters can offer. The airframe
can hover 3-6 times longer than a quadcopter, lift as much as a helicopter drone, have the
maneuverability of a quadcopter, or fly like a fixed-wing airplane. The drones can also fasten
together for greater efficiency and payload carrying capability.

Community Health Geospatial Information System

Kelvin Brown,

Karneyium is developing a geospatial information system (GIS) that bridges together medical and
SDOH datasets. Our goal is to eliminate health disparities by providing awareness and resources
to various communities. Our GIS provides solutions across clinical trials, hospital resources, and
community outreach vectors. By analyzing RWE, we are producing a commercial information
system capable of magnifying the visibility of underserved communities and patients. We leverage
geospatially enriched data in combination with advanced data science principles to predict where
patients are with certain diseases and the resources around them. We then work with companies
to address these gaps in care/resources.

Acevedo Cesar, is a market intelligence hub that helps companies speed up their market
understanding powered by Data Mining and AI. We use web data mining techniques to execute
automated store visits to Home Improvement/DYI Retailers for gathering data about price, brands,
product features, packaging, and application claims. The information is integrated into the
business intelligence dynamic reports and transformed into actionable market insights across org.
In many cases, this market intelligence is the core of the pricing strategy and the company is able
to re-think its marketing strategy by translating technical data into end users' product performance.


Michelle St. John,

Messes happen! Ask any mom, pet owner or person on the go. We are answering the need for
spills in the vehicle when tissues won't absorb and biodegradable napkins disintegrate, leaving us
with a bigger mess. Finally, paper towels in the car! With electronics, upgraded interiors and lives
potentially at stake, you can stop lunging for the glove box and eliminate the mess. Go-Rolla can
be safely positioned at least 6 places in the car and is portable for a picnic at the park.  

GiveToGet Inc. - Talent Recruiting Talent

Jonathan Mardis,

Crowd-recruitment and talent connection marketplace enabling anyone to monetize their network
by referring people for jobs at half the cost of recruiters. We are filling an enterprise grade platform
with leaders and their networks to help solve the employer-talent disconnect by making talent
acquisition personal. Resumes aren't personal, whereas personal intros are, supporting of vision
of becoming the number one social platform for connections into employers.  Statistics show
referred talent gets hired faster, with better fit to culture, stay longer, and are more effective

Patient Reported Outcomes Database (PROD)

Earnest Davis,

An AI-enabled app that allows patients to record their medical experience at regular intervals.
Free-form voice entry according to prompts, as well as deployment of community health workers
to acculturate the technology with patients, enhances uptake and meets people where they are in
their medical journey. The mined and trended data will allow for real-time adjustments to individual
care plans and, overtime, replace the standard care plan with personalized treatment protocols.


Nicole Homan,

Digital health platform to support women in improving their health for fertility and optimally
healthy pregnancies through functional lab work, personalized lifestyle and nutritional
recommendations and group support in healthy lifestyle changes.

A modular holder for rigid operative instrumentation

Aaron Friedman,

Surgical instruments must often be exchanged back and forth between the surgeon and the scrub
technician (ST).  This process is inefficient and potentially frustrating for the surgeon, particularly
when the ST is unfamiliar with sub-specialized equipment or distracted with other tasks in the
operating room (OR).  We have developed a modular OR bed-mounted device to intraoperatively
store rigid instrumentation.  This enables the surgeon to bimanually self-serve repetitively used
instruments and the ST to pre-emptively load the device rather than pass instruments individually
back and forth.  Variations on this theme may apply to a wide variety of surgery types.   

AI-based Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Tonkia Bridges,

Current qualitative data analysis software is highly flawed in that various software packages still
rely heavily on manual, researcher interpretations of findings (e.g., MAXQDA, NVivo, Deedoose,
MonkeyLearn). The most popular qualitative data analysis software in the current market space is
MAXQDA; however, this application works like a glorified spreadsheet permitting the researcher to
organize data content, but not providing clear interpretations of data. There is significant need to
remove the researcher from making biased, personal interpretations of research findings and
replace them with an algorithm-driven formula that makes interpretations based on common
phrases, statements, keywords etc. Additionally, qualitative research is heavily criticized in the
academy due to personal biases influencing data interpretations by the researcher (often just
looking for the statements that confirm their own predetermined hypotheses). An algorithm-driven
data interpretation would appease the traditional quantitative empiricists and increase qualitative
data validity and trustworthiness.

Bladder Relief Device

Ayman Mahdy,

A device that helps women who are unable to urinate to relief their bladder without the need
for a catheter.

Digital Operating Room Counter

Mohamed Kamel,

A digital counter for disposables used during surgery