Cohort 21


Bharadwaj Dogga

Digi3Turbo is a software plug-in framework to help automate blade digitization process. 

Magna Manus

Alexander Bumpus

Briana Ewing

Mohamed Kamel

Medical device that aids in finding lost surgical needles both within the patient cavity and the surgical field. 

Silver Sky

Mason Turvey

Charlie Pritz

Anders Flem

A distributed drone control technology that ensures FAA compliance and operability to integrate with existing drone UAS platforms.

Water Demand Calculator

Steven Buchberger

Toritseju Omaghomi

Computes peak water demand for a building fitted with water-conserving features. 

Adaptive Hydrotherapy Wetsuit

Kristina Shin 

Floatation devices for rehabilitation are generally too bulky and require special machines to fasten. Two distinctive features of our adaptive hydrotherapy wetsuit (i.e., adjustability and user-operated adaptability) are to improve hydrotherapy effectiveness while increase cost-efficiency.

Clearer View of Mechanisms in Disease Progression

Herchelle Wright

Tool with ability to visualize mechanisms of disease progression and structures virtually in a 2D or 3D format and also have a physical structure(model) that can be manipulated. 

Cooler Keg

Anthony Bernas

Racine Gruberman

Ultra-portable stainless steel cooler and CO2-driven draft system to allow draft beverages on-the-go, on-demand.  

The Scribble Society

Kyle Naughtrip

Nikki Martinkovic

Direct-to-Consumer women's apparel in easy-to-wear silhouettes. All of our prints start as hand-painting and produced in limited quantity: Limited edition wearable art.

Modra' Voda

Emily Verba Fischer

Rosie Kovacs

Tool that applies biomimicry methodology to user interface design in online shopping environments for eco-anxious adults. This user audience wishes to understand and refine their purchasing behavior in relation to global water issues in order to protect ecosystems for future generations.

Guide Us Green

Benjamin Haggerty

Fia Turczynewycz

An online platform promoting health, wellness, and sustainably-minded businesses, services, and goods for each city it serves. 

Planet of the Pups

Brent Heckerman

Rowan Heckerman

Rye Heckerman

Inspired canine recipes for improved health, longevity and happiness combining the assortment, flexibility and convenience of Ready To Make meal plan services with home delivery. 

Congenital Heart Surgical Metaverse Network

Ryan Moore

A modernized collaborative network forcongenital heart surgery (CHS) that leverages two transformative technologies 1) a novel VR-enabled metaverse platform for multicenter surgical collaboration/consultations/mentoring and 2) an AI-enabled platform to track patient outcome data and create predictive models using HIPAA-secure federated learning.

Multi-color Multi-material 3D Printer

Christopher Rosing

Printing in any color and with wood, metal, stone, ceramics, ice, etc.