Connect with Student Talent

As the competition for employees remains high, companies are rethinking the talent pipeline, recruiting at earlier stages. Through strategic collaborations with the University of Cincinnati, businesses can invest in student talent, helping you build a pool of qualified candidates for the future.  

Benefits to companies

  • Informal talent recruitment: You can assess students’ abilities on the job and encourage them to develop in-demand skills. You can also potentially identify a more diverse pool of candidates that might not traditionally apply to an entry-level position.
  • New Perspectives: Students are typically eager to put their classroom learning to work. They can also offer new ways of looking at problems, contributing in meaningful ways to the improvement of your company.
  • R&D Capabilities: Some of the most innovative thinking comes out of university labs and design studios. Partnering with students and professors on projects can help you solve problems that your current workforce doesn’t have the time or skills to address.
  • Practical Experience: On-the-job experiences help students figure out what they like and they don’t like, helping sharpen their career focus. They also learn about workplace culture and begin developing leadership skills necessary for success. 

Connecting with student talent at UC

  • Capstones: From data analysis to R&D, companies can partner with University of Cincinnati capstone students to turn business challenges into solutions. Capstone projects serve as a culminating experience, allowing students to demonstrate practical application of knowledge. Recent UC capstone projects have included analysis of data for P&G’s FemCare Digital Innovation Team, assessment of electronic health records for life insurance underwriting, and development of a potential new treatment for iron overload disorder. Ready to put a student to work? Contact us today. [insert form here.]
  • Co-ops: The University of Cincinnati is the birthplace of cooperative education, and we consistently rank among the top five universities nationwide for co-ops. Each year, students earn a collective $75 million working for thousands of employers all over the world, including GE Aviation, Disney, Toyota, Kroger, P&G and more.  Tap into UC’s vast co-op talent pool today. 
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  • Internships: Typically less intensive than a co-op, internships give students valuable work experience while providing cost-effective staffing solutions for businesses. Through the E3 internship program from the Center for Entrepreneurship, for example, students work directly with startup companies while taking a course for free. The center provides start-ups with cost effective labor and students with free credit hours and professional experience. 
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  • Bearcats Student Creative Agency: UC’s new in-house, student-powered creative agency includes a deep bench of talent in marketing, creative design, content creation, photo, video and social media. The agency currently works only on projects for the university, but plans to expand their services to local businesses in the future. 
  • Honor Roll Recruitment Portal: The 1819 Honor Roll Recruitment Portal is a hand-picked list of top student talent at UC. Launched in early 2023, the portal is being piloted among select corporate partners. Through the portal, companies can connect with students representing the best in creative thinking and adaptability.