About Us

Esports at the University of Cincinnati provides a best-in-class collegiate Esports experience that combines community, competition, and academics to create the most considerable net impact for students.

UC Esports is a positive space that offers numerous opportunities for UC students to immerse themselves in a large gaming community, play the games they are passionate about, and experience personal and player growth.

Cormac Conway UC Esports Club President

The UC Esports program fosters community, competition and academics.  Students can come together over their shared passion for Esports to compete, train and engage together.  Additionally, the UC Esports program provides a home for all things Esports: the Esports Innovation Lab.  This lab is the home for practice, competition, events, and community.  Lastly, the UC Esports program serves as a catalyst for student development, providing opportunities for personal and professional development with partners within the business community and the Cincinnati Innovation District.



Celebrate and explore the world of Esports alongside fellow members of the UC community! We collaborate with the UC Esports Club, competitive teams, and Student Life to ensure that all Esports programming and the Esports Innovation Lab are safe and accessible to all members of the Bearcat family.



Overseen by the UC Esports Club and Center for Student Involvment (CSI), the University of Cincinnati participates in many of the most competitive leagues in collegiate Esports. The University of Cincinnati is a member of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), as well as the Electronic Gaming Federation (EGF) and the National Esports Collegiate Conference (NECC).



Learn about Esports in the classroom! The University of Cincinnati offers an accredited Game Design program for students. Additionally, multiple departments offer Esports integration into the curriculum, from broadcasting to sports management, information technology, computer science, and more.