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Stats and rankings: Ohio IP Promise

Made in Ohio, the Ohio IP Promise gets ideas from the lab to the marketplace faster, smarter and better. Championed by Lieutenant Governor John Husted, the Ohio IP Promise:

  • Puts the power of pacing in the hands of the inventor.
  • Unlocks university intellectual property for industry partners.
  • Gives Ohio a competitive advantage in the race for market-ready innovations.


Since the Ohio IP Promise was implemented, the University of Cincinnati has seen a rise in key data points, comparing FY2018-22 to FY2013-17.

  • Invention disclosures by UC faculty have risen 51% (from 546 to 823).
  • Filed patents by UC faculty have risen 62% (from 583 to 944).
  • Issued patents for UC faculty have risen 94% (from 83 to 161).
  • Deals with UC faculty have risen 109% (from 55 to 115).
  • Startups going through the UC Venture Lab — which helps would-be entrepreneurs explore the commercial potential of their product or service — have increased from one or two per year to an average of 14 per year.
  • Total investment dollars from private firms and grants have exceeded $122 million. 


  • US News & World Report ranked University of Cincinnati in Top 100 most innovative universities (2022).
  • National Academy of Inventors ranked UC among the Top 100 organizations in the nation with patents (2019).
  •  Heartland Forward ranked Ohio among the most innovative states in the nation, and the top in the Midwest (2022).