lieutenant governor speaking

The Ohio IP Promise

The Ohio Lieutenant Governor and the Inter-University Council of Ohio (IUC) have worked with the technology transfer offices across the state to establish a best-in-class approach for the licensing of intellectual property (IP) developed by Ohio’s 14 public universities.

Based on six guiding principles, this new approach will help to strengthen Ohio’s economy, attract innovative researchers, and serve as a magnet for investors and entrepreneurs:

  1. Flexibility: provide industry choices for accessing intellectual property developed through sponsored research
  2. Transparency: publish template sponsored research and license agreements
  3. Simplicity: deliver fair and streamlined guidelines for faculty creator startups
  4. Clarity: communicate licensing processes on university websites in a clear, prominent way
  5. Ease: provide well-defined university entry points for industry, investors, and entrepreneurs
  6. Speed: reduce impediments that hinder the pace of transactions

This initiative fosters a climate where innovation thrives through partnerships among universities, researchers, entrepreneurs, investors and industry. With improved collaboration, high-impact discoveries made at Ohio universities will go to market more quickly, boosting Ohio’s economy and improving its residents’ lives with new products and services.