1819 Learning Lab

student writing on board

Located in the 1819 Hub, and serving the broader Cincinnati Innovation District, the 1819 Learning Lab is a think tank for the art and science of learning.


The 1819 Learning Lab works with individuals and organizations to deliver three advantages:

  • Enable you to learn and unlearn different mental models
  • Empower you to build a culture of learning and collaboration
  • Excite your curiosity to unlock bigger, better, faster innovation


To think differently, you must work differently. And that’s why the space in the 1819 Learning Lab looks less like a classroom and more like a studio. Here it’s less about teaching and more about learning. 

The Learning Lab works closely with two state-of-the-art programs housed within 1819 Innovation Hub, the UC Groundfloor Makerspace and the UC Esports Innovation Lab, to offer clients hands-on, customized learning.