Cohort 26

Ibrahim Almasri, Graduate Student (CEAS)

Haqibah [luggage in Arabic] is a crowd shipping company where a traveler with free weight can gain money, and a sender can cut costs and time by sending his items with this traveler. As a third party company, when we offer this service we can help people to send their items such as (papers, clothes, food, ... etc.) with less time and cost compared to companies like DHL. Also, we provide income source for travelers who do not always utilize their allowable luggage weight on the plane.

William Ong, Graduate Student (MBA)

We have been testing and backtesting Twitter and growth algorithms for the past four months. Through that time, we have gained over 10k followers and over 10 million impressions. The concept is to build a production web frontend that wraps the analytics and tools we developed. At this point, we have developed a suite of tools and analytics to help with growth on X and monitoring the algorithm anomalies. These currently are many scripts that aid in the content analysis and ideation process.

Ahmed Youssef, Graduate Student (College of Arts & Science)

ObjectSense focuses on the supply chain and manufacturing industry, developing an advanced identification and authentication system using AI and computer vision. Our innovative solution generates a digital fingerprint for objects during the manufacturing process without the need for physical labels. This approach simplifies product tracking and identification, allowing for easy, cost-effective, and reliable verification through just a photo.

Wilton Ong, Undergraduate Student (DAAP)

Ion reuses discarded materials and next-gen materials to create high-end soft goods.

Sean Dwyer, Undergraduate Student (DAAP)

CODE_NAME is a two-person creative agency dedicated to bringing high-impact visuals, branding/identity, and creative direction services to small businesses and startups. We found the current market offerings too bulky for many of the industry's newest innovators; from pricing to time spent, we wanted to take our extensive knowledge of the realms of identity design, 3D design, and visualization to bring both nimble and world-class visual storytelling to a new cohort of entrepreneurs, small businesses, and startups.

David Frey, UC AlumĀ 

This idea would be a new iteration of an existing product I developed and patented, a handheld strength trainer. The existing product does not have and digital / tracking capabilities. I have developed this new concept because tracking resistance, reps, time under tension would be a huge step in the evolution of personal fitness and strength training.

Emrah Aydin, Community MemberĀ 

Our concept is Futureheal, an AI-powered healthcare solution focused on two main products: Fetalist and Appai. Fetalist is designed for early detection and classification of fetal anomalies during pregnancy, improving prenatal care. Appai is aimed at accurately diagnosing pediatric appendicitis. These tools were created to address critical gaps in healthcare: enhancing prenatal diagnostics and reducing misdiagnosis in pediatric emergencies.

Justin Wade, Community Member

LineLeaders is a web based Software as a Service (SAAS) product in the emerging sports betting industry. The platform allows anyone to build betting systems based on custom criteria, back test over 5+ years of historical data, easily find upcoming games that match their systems, and identify the best lines across a myriad of sports books to get the best value. System insights such as P/L, ROI, and overall record are provided to the user to quickly see how the system performed year over year.