Cohort 20

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Team Members

Al Bagiro

Joe Moralez


Innovative B2B2C mobile app that's the single source for staffing licensed professionals in the healthcare, administrative, light industrial, trucking, construction, and IT sectors nationwide; saves time, money  and headaches for all users.


Team Members

Stefanie Pettys


Novel building shapes to expose children to aesthetic concepts using Fibonacci's sequence of numbers, as well as interaction of light wavelengths, relative volume and balance.    

Functional Tablets

Team Members

Chris Petersen


By adding functional ingredients to conventional 'mint' bases, we can design products that delight consumers through not just taste - but provide highly desired secondary benefits - without requiring a habit change. 

Highly Parallel Direct Laser Writer

Team Members

 Imad Agha


Novel multibeam direct laser writer to compete with medium-resolution lithography tools; at 1/5 the cost and increased speed for both academic and industrial customers. 

Insulated Bike Growler/ Crowler Bag

Team Members

Angela Anderson


Attaches securely to bike and keeps beverage cold while transporting it home from your favorite brewery.

IV Injection Sleeve

Team Members

Samantha Raasch


IV practice/training sleeve for nursing students.

Methane Emissions Quantification

Team Members

Amy Townsend-Small


Methodology for detecting and measuring methane emissions. I would like to commercialize as a service to take advantage of funding available through the federal infrastructure bill and help clients mitigate excess methane emissions, a major green house gas. 

Mobilizing Oral Health Care Through Children's Charity, Social Enterprise & Blended Funding 

Team Members

Priyanka Gudsoorkar

Greg Krupa


Children with poor oral health pose a serious global public health problem; an issue of both ‘access to’ and ‘utilization of’ care. To address this underlying inequity, social enterprise Novulismed SA in coordination with a grant funding will provide high quality mobile on-site dental care and oral health education directly to children beneficiaries.

Modular Large Format 3D Printer by The N3xt Dimension

Team Members

We will disrupt the manufacturing industry by introducing a more cost effective and energy efficient alternative to traditional manufacturing methods. With our expertise from working in CI additive, the team at the hopeful to launch startup The N3xt Dimension is hoping to create a modular printer that will fit any customer's need at a price that will encourage more companies to use LFAM in their normal production. No other company has designed a LFAM printer from the ground up with the intent to be an exact fit for a customer's print needs. 


Team Members

Daniel Arendt

Claudia Rebola

Yong-Gyun Ghim

App and wearable device which will monitor patients vital signs. Should the wearable vital sign monitor detect vital signs that are consistent with an overdose, the wearable device will automatically inject an overdose reversal agent and will notify 911 or friends/family that are nearby who have the reversal agent with them.


Team Members

Tamara Young

A new menstrual cup design that simplifies insertion and removal, as well as provides a more comfortable and less daunting experience for users while on-the-go.   My idea is to use the mechanics of an umbrella to develop a cup using medical-grade silicone of varying densities to eliminate the need for folding the cup for insertion and the necessity of finger insertion to break the suction for removal. 

Prosthetic for Occipitocervical (O-C1 and atlantoaxial (A-A)) Joints

Team Members

Jonathon Forbes

Jennifer McGuire

Eric Naumen

Prosthetic implant that helps preserve 'yes' and 'no' head movement, in a single procedure, in patients that are currently treated using a 2-stage cervical fusion surgery.

Sanitary System for Care Facility Beds

Team Members

Mohamed Kamel

Shabaan Abdallah

Design of a mattress that fits on standard hospital bed frame. This mattress will have a hole in it which is a built-in small toilet in the area were the buttock/perineum rest.  This small toilet will be made from high quality materials that is easy to clean. Through a hose with water seal, this will be connected to a small bedside portable suction machine. This machine will provide vacuum to collect the secretions from the “mattress built-in toilet”.  When the storage compartment in the portable suction machine is full, the human feces/urine, will be disposed of in a sanitary way.

Team Science Learning & Lab Center

Team Members

Stephanie Schuckman

Angela Mendell

Create LLC for CIS Team Science (faculty) as consultants; and/or dedicated lab and educational (safe) space for Individuals and teams to meet and train in-person, online and/or in hybrid environment to innovate, practice and curate with local and national partners in the Science of Team Science.


Team Members

Evan Frankfather

Affordable electric bikes built from converted mountain bikes. Capable of 30mph and 25 miles of range, the Ultrabike is the perfect zero-emissions solution for those commuting 10 miles or less to work.

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