UC chemistry research associate Yu Shi developed a novel method to understand the properties of molten salts, which hold the promise of providing energy storage for nuclear and solar power.

Agreements for Licensing by Business

University of Cincinnati’s Office of Innovation works to ensure that UC technologies are licensed to companies able to develop those technologies into products and services. Licensees must demonstrate that they have sufficient resources, management talent, and plans to see the technology launched as a product.

IP Case Managers use many sources and strategies to identify potential licensees and market inventions. Existing relationships, market research, and other complementary technologies can aid in this effort. Studies have shown that 70% of licensees were known to the inventors. Thus research and consulting relationships are often the most valuable source for licensees.

An invention can be licensed to multiple licensees, either non-exclusively to several companies or exclusively to several companies, each only for a unique field-of-use (application) or geography.

Available technologies can be viewed here, as well as an overview of license agreements and other types of agreements. For more information, please contact one of our case managers:

Case Managers

Physical Science Case Manager(s):

Madison Bourbon (bourbomn@ucmail.uc.edu)

Life Science Case Manager(s):

Rucha Tadwalkar (tadwalra@ucmail.uc.edu)

Research Tool Case Manager(s):

Sev Sheets (sheetswn@ucmail.uc.edu)