The Esports Innovation Lab prides itself with hosting a wide range of events, classes and practices.

Freshmen-only Freeplay

Time: 6-10pm
Get to know your fellow incoming freshmen by playing some games in the UC Esports Innovation Lab.

1819 Innovation Hub Open House

Time: 2-5pm

Club Q&A

Time: 3-7pm
Interested in joining the UC Esports Club? Come to this Q&A to learn more about the largest student-run organization on campus.

UCOW Game Night

Time: 5-11pm
Want to meet fellow Overwatch players in the UC community? Join us for the UC Overwatch game night!

1819 Innovation Hub Open House

Time: 9:30am-12:30pm

CS:GO Game Night

Time: 1-7pm

Game Trivia

Time: 5-8pm

Wikipedia Race

Time: 12-2pm

Valorant Game Night

Time: 1-7pm

Movie Night

Time: 8pm-12am

Match Showcase

TimeUC v Wright State: 12pm - 4pm

      UC v Xavier: 6pm - 7pm

Meet the Execs

Time: 3-5pm

Karaoke Night

Time: 9pm-TBD  


Time: 12pm-2pm

League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege Game Night

Time: 1:30-9pm

Survival Series Tournament

Time: 5-9pm