Presentations by graduates of UC's Venture Lab Pre-Accelerator Cohort 9 will be April 28, 8:30am - 11am, streamed online.

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You will get a preview of some exciting innovations:

The i11 Project

Scott Boots

i11 is a 911 Emergency Reporting smartphone app that eliminates communication barriers using icons and verified GPS location in less than 10 seconds. Business features add ICE contacts and create “micro-Amber” alerts for crisis communications withIn a defined property.


Customizable nasal endotracheal tube

Alexander Kuhn, William Klunk, Dr. Deepak Krishnan, Dr. Peter Campbell & Dr. Mary Beth Privitera

Creation of a endotracheal tube with customizable length and electromagnetic-powered distal end articulation.

Queen City Certified

Nicole Armstrong, Meghan Cummings, Priya Dhingra Klocek, Katherine Daughtrey Neff, Christopher Nicak, & Karl Preissner

Queen City Certified is the first data-informed employer certification and cohort-based leadership program for gender equity in the US workplace.

A Novel Anti-Cancer Biologic

Vladimir Bogdanov, Clayton Lewis, PhD & Kateryna Matiash, BS

Preclinical development of a first-in-class, fully humanized antibody targeting alternatively spliced Tissue Factor

Natural Supplement

Peter Winter

A natural supplement used as a pre workout to boost blood flow and energy levels before an exercise or any physically strenuous activity. This contrasts to all other products on the market because it contains no synthetic compounds and no negative side effects.

RNA Sequencing Technology

Kyle Walsh, Opeolu Adeoye, MD, MS, Daniel Woo, MD, MS & Eric Wohleb, PhD

Use of RNA-sequencing technology (i.e., mRNA-seq, miRNA-seq, and bioinformatic analysis) to identify novel inflammatory biomarkers and treatment targets for a type of stroke called intracerebral hemorrhage (ICH). A patient with ICH has spontaneous bleeding into the brain, and there is currently no clinically proven treatment for this severe neurological disease.

Electro-Chemical Upgrading

Tianyu Zhang & Dr. Jingjie Wu

The electro-chemical upgrading of CO2 into carbon-based chemicals and fuels provides a means to close the anthropogenic carbon cycle and store excess renewable electricity in chemical energy. CO2 makes up the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions, trapping heat and warming the environment. Electro-chemical upgrading of CO2 can not only reduce the greenhouse gas emission, but also solve the huge energy demand to a certain extent.

Facial Surgery Icepack

Annesleigh Bengston

A module icepack for facial surgical recovery. Icepacks that could put the ice where wanted for some injuries (between nose and mouth and upper cheeks) without covering breathing holes (nose and mouth) are not an option. In addition, there are not icepacks that work to ice solely the pain points. This solution is not just for upper jaw surgery it is module so it can work for any type of facial icing recovery needs (rhinoplasty, wisdom teeth, jaw surgery, plastic surgery).


Matt Stanely & Mike Hines

WhiteBox is a website and quiz tool designed to streamline buyers wants and needs in a way that educates and empowers them as they consider building a new home.

NCAA student-athlete brand management

Ramon Singh Xavier

Software designed to connect businesses, with student-athletes at all levels for endorsement.Replace with your text

Replace with your text

Presentations by graduates of UC's Venture Lab Pre-Accelerator Cohort 9 will be April 28, 8:30am - 11am, streamed online.

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