Membership is free of charge for current UC students, faculty and staff. Bearcats can activate their membership by navigating to our community on Canvas at   Follow the instructions in this video or download this tutorial in order to activate your membership.

students working in bicycle seat project


Affiliates and industry partners should contact us to learn more about opportunities and benefits of partnering with the 1819 Innovation Hub.

Membership Levels

Level 1 - Prototyping Lab

All members of the UC community that agree to our usage policy are granted access to the prototyping lab and are permitted to use level 1 equipment including computer workstations, HP large format multifunction printer, Ultimaker FDM 3d printers, and limited hand tools.

Level 2 - Prototyping Lab

Further training is required to gain access to more advanced equipment, such as Epilog laser cutters, Epson large format solvent-based printer, and Graphtec vinyl cutter.

Level 3 - Fabrication

Woodshop tools require hands-on training before use. Woodshop tools include table saw, jointer, planer, band saw, miter saw, drill press, lathe, track saw, domino joiner, and production sander. Metal shop tools also require hands-on training before use. Metal shop tools include cold saw, metal cutting band saw, grinders, MIG an TIG welder, plasma cutter, drill press, manual mill, manual lathe, iron worker, shear, brake, hydraulic bender, and sand blaster.

Level 4 - Advanced Fabrication

Includes access to advanced CNC equipment, however operation of advanced CNC equipment is only performed by dedicated members of the Ground Floor staff. Files to be cut using these pieces of equipment must be submitted and vetted by staff before being scheduled. Users will work with staff members to prepare the CAM files and must remain with the equipment while it is in operation for the CNC router, water jet cutter, CNC mill, and CNC lathe.