MTAs / CDAs / DUAs

Agreement Types

Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)

These are used for incoming and outgoing materials.  These agreements describe the terms under which our researchers and outside researchers may share materials, typically for research or evaluation purposes.   

Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs)/Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs)

These are often used to protect the confidentiality of an invention during evaluation by potential licensees. CDAs also protect proprietary information of third parties that researchers need to review in order to conduct research or evaluate research opportunities.

Data Use Agreements (DUAs)/Data Sharing Agreements (DSAs)

These are used to transfer data that has been developed by universities, government, non-profits or private industry, in a confidential manner, usually with restrictions. They clarify and establish the activity between institutions that governs the transfer of one or more data sets from the owner/provider to a third party. Organizations involved in the data sharing also have the potential to form a license between the two parties.