Jason Heikenfeld

Headshot of Jason Heikenfeld

Vice President, Operations
1819 Innovation Hub, Suite 460



Jason serves as both a Professor and Vice President, Operations at the University of Cincinnati. In his role as VP, he leads the Office of Innovation’s technology transfer, startup, makerspace corporate partnerships, and 1819 building and events teams at the 1819 Innovation Hub. In his professorial role, he directs the Novel Devices Laboratory where he has accumulated the most patents and licenses of any faculty member in the history of the University of Cincinnati. He is a serial entrepreneur and one of his most recent startups, Eccrine Systems, has been recognized as a top 50 global startup by Bloomberg based on data analytics by Quid. In his previous roles, Jason has also led the creation of programs and coursework at UC that foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and an understanding of the profound impact that technology has on society.