Strategic Partners

The relationship between academic research institutions and private industry has evolved significantly over time and is even more critical today with the rapid pace of change and the challenges with funding research in today’s economic climate. Universities bring valuable resources to the table: talent, research, and access to physical assets such as specialized equipment and technology.

At the same time, corporations bring real-world problems that need innovative solutions and an opportunity for students and faculty to take a multi-disciplinary approach to solving them. This, in turn, creates a better-prepared pool of talent and source of employment for industry.

These are the strategic partners who engaged early with the Office of Innovation by co-locating into spaces within the 1819 Innovation Hub.

Strategic Partners List

Cincinnati Bell

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visit: Cincinnati Bell

The Cincinnati Bell Innovation Hub fosters collaboration between Cincinnati Bell employees and UC students and faculty, resulting in innovative applications and products that leverage Cincinnati Bell’s deep fiber network and expertise in the region. With more than $800 million invested in its local fiber network — which delivers high-speed internet service to consumers and businesses across the region — Cincinnati Bell is increasing its focus on developing new products to help customers maximize their connections.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for Cincinnati Bell to engage with the University of Cincinnati, which is doing cutting-edge research and producing a pipeline of students who are developing in-demand engineering, marketing, and design skills.” – Cincinnati Bell CEO Leigh Fox

Cincinnati Insurance Companies

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The Cincinnati Insurance Companies vision is to be the best at serving independent agents. To achieve this, they intend to use the 1819 Partnership as a way to create, discover, and test ideas to provide products, services, and expertise that delivers on the needs of their clients. The CIC Innovation Lab @ 1819 will enable access to talent, development of an environment and scalable platform to accelerate innovation, and creation of a culture of innovation with their associates and agencies.

“Gaining access to talent, accelerating the time from ideation to commercialization, developing a platform for innovation that can be leveraged by the entire enterprise, and generating excitement among our associates and agency population around a culture of innovation are the keys to success for us.” – Cincinnati Financial Chief Information Officer John Kellington


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visit: CincyTech

CincyTech transforms innovation into high performing life science and digital companies in Southwest Ohio. Its highly-skilled team provides advice and capital to entrepreneurs, helps research institutions commercialize technology through startups, and catalyzes investment from individuals and institutions into regional companies, which create jobs, economic vitality and wealth in Southwest Ohio. As the 1819 Venture Lab serves as a pipeline for new startups that will need incubation and further help/involvement from our regional ecosystem, tremendous synergies exist with having CincyTech in the building

“UC is a world-class research institution where ideas and intellectual property abound. UC’s Innovation Agenda and the 1819 Innovation Hub align perfectly with our mission.” – CincyTech CEO Mike Venerable

Edaptive Computing

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 visit: Edaptive Computing, Inc.

Dayton-based Edaptive Computing Inc. pioneers innovative solutions for rapid analysis, optimization, and assurance of systems and processes to a variety of U.S. Department of Defense and Commercial Sector customers. In a new partnership with UC’s College of Engineering & Applied Sciences, the woman-owned small business is working with engineering students to help solve real-world problems, offering opportunities for students as well as growing its own pipeline.

Kingsgate Logistics

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visit: Kingsgate Logistics

Kingsgate is a second-generation, family-owned logistics company, founded in 1986. It provides logistics support and transportation freight services for companies throughout North America. Having more than doubled in size over the past three years, Kingsgate has seen the supply chain industry change dramatically over three decades. Ready to take the next step with UC, Kingsgate’s newest location at 1819 will provide the opportunity for UC students to directly engage with company employees through co-op and internships, classes and programs, and allow the company to access the talent it needs by co-locating less than a mile from campus.

"We are one of the fastest growing companies at the epicenter of delivery and commerce. And UC’s 1819 Innovation Hub is focused on growing tech talent at the region’s center of innovation. It aligns perfectly with our mission." ~ Kingsgate owning partner Jeff Beckham


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visit: Kroger Technology

This innovative collaboration is driven by Restock Kroger and provides the Kroger Technology team another creative space to partner and develop solutions to redefine the grocery customer experience. Within this Knowledge Action Center, Kroger’s R&D engineer and software developers work alongside UC faculty. The partnership also features a dynamic student co-op and internship program.

“The 1819 Innovation Hub is a co-working community where we will build and discover the next generation of technology and talent. Our vision is to create a talent pipeline that supports our business and positions the region as a place for digital and technology students and professionals.” – Retired Kroger Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer Chris Hjelm

Live Well Collaborative

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visit: The Live Well Collaborative

The Live Well Collaborative (LWC) is a non-profit (501 c-6) co-founded in 2007 by UC and Procter & Gamble (P&G). Its purpose is to specialize in user research for the  development of products and services for living well across the life span, with an expertise in the 50+ marketplace. It is a unique academic-industry driven innovation center where interdisciplinary teams of UC faculty and students use a design thinking approach to translate consumer research into products and services.  LWC has worked with over 15 corporate and institutional partners. Current work is being done with Boeing, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, UC Health, and P&G. The most recent work with Cincinnati Children's Hospital has produced solutions that have been implemented and are undergoing validation studies. The work with P&G and Boeing has been translated into several patents.

Procter & Gamble

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visit: UC Simulation Center -P&G

Backed by more than $13 million in investment by P&G, the Center’s collaborative teams of P&G employees and UC faculty and students give P&G access to talent and solutions while providing opportunities for students to work on more than 200 real-world industrial projects to date. The P&G-UC Simulation Center is credited with expediting solutions to critical commercial problems at a fraction of the cost of more traditional approaches and providing a larger recruiting pool for P&G.

Simpson Center for Urban Futures

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The Simpson Center for Urban Futures

The Simpson Center for Urban Futures, within UC’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, supports the integration of visionary and interdisciplinary urban studies into curricula and provides scholarships and fellowships. 

Village Life Outreach Project

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visit: Village Life Outreach Project

Village Life Outreach Project is a non-profit organization founded in 2004 and based in Cincinnati. Village Life works in partnership with three remote villages in the east African nation of Tanzania to design and implement projects to fight poverty and improve lives. Funded by UC Health, UC, and private contributions, the organization partners with students and faculty from across the University of Cincinnati to create sustainable change in the areas of healthcare, water quality and access, and educational opportunities in Tanzania. 


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visit: Worldpay

Worldpay, Inc. is a leading payments provider with unique capability to power global integrated omni-commerce, any payment, anywhere. With industry-leading scale and an unmatched integrated technology platform, Worldpay offers customers a comprehensive suite of products and services globally, delivered through a single provider. Worldpay processes over 40 billion transactions annually, supporting more than 300 payment types across 146 countries and 126 currencies. The company is focused on expanding into high-growth markets and customer segments including global eCommerce, integrated payments and B2B.

“If you consider how consumers pay for things and how that is constantly evolving, it means companies like Worldpay need to be heavily focused on innovation and embrace change or fall behind. That is why the relationship between UC and companies like Worldpay, Kroger and P&G are so important. It allows us, together, to be ahead of the curve—creating tech and not just consuming it.” - Worldpay President and Chief Operating Officer Mark Heimbouch