Yeongin Kim, assistant professor of electrical engineering in UC's College of Engineering and Applied Science, created a patented new flexible skin sensor that fits better than a BAND-AID.

Licensing options under the Ohio IP Promise

The University of Cincinnati is committed to streamlining our processes, driving transparency, reducing friction, and increasing speed to support the commercialization of Ohio innovations. As part of our commitment to the Ohio IP Promise, please find our licensing documents and terms below.

Industry Research Tiers: for industry looking to collaborate on sponsored research, we have developed these potential IP terms:

Tier 1: Non-Exclusive Royalty Free License (NERF)

Tier 2: Exclusive License with Pre-Set Royalty

Tier 3: Ownership Assigned to Sponsor

Express License/Option: for faculty and entrepreneurs looking to collaborate on a start-up based on UC-owned IP, we have developed these terms and agreements for recent graduates of our Venture Lab.

Express Option Agreement: first right of refusal to align UC’s interests with the start-up team and fix licensing terms for when the start-up is ready to launch.

Express License Agreement: terms that the university is prepared to sign for any technology having graduated from the Venture Lab.